Vintage Antique Kitchen Decor


Vintage Antique Kitchen Decor

Vintage Antique Kitchen Decor - Home decorating is more easy than you may think and the kitchen is typically the most popular room to start with. While there are many styles of kitchen décor, among the most popular kitchen now, decorating ideas would be to decorate with the retro design. If you're opting for a fantastic mid century retro design like that of the 1960's or 70's, you need to stay with colours from that age like browns, oranges, and mod blues.

When you select on your color palette, pick up some paint cards along with your colours on them and take them with you if you are buying furniture and accessories that you will learn everything will be a great match. In the kitchen, you need to add vintage dish towels vintage knick knacks and even vintage tables and chairs to really get a retro look. Luckily, you can still locate items from using this age at an acceptable cost and, there are lots of new items being made in the retro design should you not need to buy vintage stuff.

While kitchen decorating ideas generally concentrate on the accessories, the flooring, windows, and walls will also be important to the design. For the windows, you would possibly try using some vintage drapes appropriate from the age you're decorating for. For wall décor, you can include atomic clocks and vintage graphics or attempt placing in certain shelves and display a group of retro items like pepper and salt shakers or maybe even old radios or cookie jars.

Lighting is one more crucial element in any interior design. Do not forget that you do lots of work in the kitchen for preparing meals, so you need your light as well as ornamental.

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