Kitchen Island Versus Peninsula

By | February 3, 2019

Kitchen Island Versus Peninsula. Islands fit perfectly into an open floor plan, creating a break in a large space without providing a clear border. A kitchen island is a freestanding object, perfect for a large spacious kitchen that plans on entertaining a wide variety of guests.

Kitchen Island Vs Peninsula An Honest Comparison
Kitchen Island Vs Peninsula An Honest Comparison from

A large island can fit a dishwasher, sink and cooktop if you have the room. Peninsulas are secured to the floor for functionality and safety, with one end attached either to the wall or to existing counters and cabinets. A peninsula extends out from an existing wall or counter while an island stands alone in the kitchen.

Islands Fit Perfectly Into An Open Floor Plan, Creating A Break In A Large Space Without Providing A Clear Border.

A peninsula extends out from an existing wall or counter while an island stands alone in the kitchen. The obvious benefit to a peninsula over an island is construction cost. Deciding between the two some factors have to be considered when talking about a peninsula versus a kitchen island.

A Large Island Can Fit A Dishwasher, Sink And Cooktop If You Have The Room.

For large social kitchens with a healthy budget, a kitchen island is ideal. When it comes to a kitchen island vs peninsula, there really is no one option that is always a better choice than the other. A kitchen island is a standalone element in the space, surrounded by walking space.

Kitchen Peninsulas Offer Storage And Countertop Room Roughly Similar In Size To Kitchen Islands.

In most cases, the peninsula stylistically matches the main counters/cabinets. While they can serve very similar functions, kitchen islands and peninsulas have one big (and quite obvious) difference: Islands are featured in many kitchens—they are a convenient and attractive design element.

The Key Difference Between Kitchen Islands And Peninsulas Lies In How They Fit Into Your Layout.

What is the difference between a kitchen island and peninsula? We originally planned on a kitchen island for our open floor plan (we removed a wall so that the kitchen opens into the family room. Unlike a kitchen island, a kitchen peninsula is more focused on providing seating and serving space without impeding the traffic flow of the kitchen itself.

It Really Depends On The Size Of Your Kitchen, Your Budget, And How You Plan To Use The Space.

The cabinets and counters may match the ones along the walls, or. This piece is commonly leading out of the kitchen, aiming to keep the guests out of the workspace. Your existing kitchen layout is another important factor.