Kitchen God In Vietnam

By | February 3, 2019

Kitchen God In Vietnam. Each year, on the 23rd of the last month of the lunar year, the kitchen gods leave the kitchen, they are seen off by the owner of the house, and ride on a carp to the heavens to give a report on each family’s doings. The worshipping ceremony is usually held before noon, because, according to vietnamese belief, at 12 the kitchen gods will leave for heaven.

Lecture Tết Lunar New Year Traditions The Kitchen God
Lecture Tết Lunar New Year Traditions The Kitchen God from

Known in english as the kitchen god, ong tao is a pretty eccentric character. Vietnamese female football team to play with high resolve in asian cup final. Ice, snow reported on mount fansipan.

Each Year, On The 23Rd Of The Last Month Of The Lunar Year, The Kitchen Gods Leave The Kitchen, They Are Seen Off By The Owner Of The House, And Ride On A Carp To The Heavens To Give A Report On Each Family’s Doings.

According to legend, every family has three kitchen gods overseeing the household’s affairs. For all his oddities, the story of this venerated figure is not so lighthearted. It has been practiced by countless generations in vietnam.

According To Vietnamese Legend, The God Of Heaven Sent Three Deities Down To Earth To Watch Over Each Household, Observing Each Family From Their Kitchen.

Then they return on the eve of the first day of the lunar year. This image shows a red carp at the yen so market in hanoi, vietnam. According to the tradition, vietnamese people bid farewell to the kitchen gods on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month of the year, thanking them for watching over their kitchen during the year.

Legend Has It That The Land Genie And The Kitchen Gods Ride Carp And Deliver Yearly Report On Each Household Issues To The King Of Heaven.

Vietnamese female football team to play with high resolve in asian cup final. The kitchen god is recognized in chinese folk religion, chinese mythology, and taoism. Folklore researcher nguyen hung vi said:

Preparation For Welcoming The Lunar New Year Usually Starts A Week Prior To Tet, With A Farewell Ceremony For Tao Quan Or The Kitchen Gods.

The custom of worshipping the kitchen gods reflects vietnamese’s respect of family happiness. The kitchen gods record people’s good and bad behavior throughout the year. On january 25, vietnamese residents commemorated this year’s kitchen god day by freeing carp in the river and offering prayers.

Known In English As The Kitchen God, Ong Tao Is A Pretty Eccentric Character.

Everything you need to know about vietnam. As the legend goes, “ong cong” (land genie) is the one in charge of land while “ong tao” (kitchen gods), consisting of two males and one female, are those who keep a watch over kitchen affairs of a family. On the 23r day of december, normally, grandmothers and mothers of the family will cook a lot of delicacies such as new harvest steamed sticky rice or plain porridge.